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Amateur composer who loves composing, no structures, no plans, just make it up as I go. Never writes anything down, unless absolutely necessary. Composes on the fly, as it were. Minimalist pretending he's not. Will try any genre of music. Purchased a book about dance and the music of J. S. Bach. Which he as already used to create a licensed work. Has tried using the composer tool serialism matrix to compose from. Has tried musical cryptograms. Best method which I use most often is to invent as I go. This account is now predominantly Native american flute with my entire discogs transfered to @David N Slater and @David Nicholas Slater Sometimes works. Sometimes does n't! When it doesn't I re-work it. Learning to play flute Curator of Indie songs 1 Flute and Guitar playlist Ancient and Modern Orchestral and synth (instrumentals) Piano and Synth Neo Classical metal punk rock shred Beat it! Just beat it out man Guitar lick intro Composer Contest Flute and Guitar playlist Ancient and Modern other artist accounts by me are David N Slater, David Nicholas Slater and DaretoBelieve Born in Batley, West Yorkshire, UK phone +44 07724939643