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Here are lyrical concerns which reflect the ordinary world of slippers, tea, biscuits and visits to Chester Zoo, always within the context of faith. John's is a big voice: bizarre, surreal and anarchic, a voice reminiscent of Ian Curtis of Joy Division, of Nick Cave (of the Bad Seeds) - John Cheek, Cross Rhythms Radio Faith - Music - Art: Johnjames is a song and occasional spoken word writer from the cobbled streets of Accrington. his influences stem from the soundtrack of discovering punk & indie from his early teenage years and the folk & country records sometimes played at his grandparents. Due to his vocal tone, Johnjames has been described as sounding 'Ian Curtis esk, with an acoustic guitar' Using songs and words to express his faith and life experience, johnjames is a heart on sleeve lyricist who finds lyrical inspiration in a variety of places. Using the motto 'Every space can be a stage' Johnjames has busked some pretty obscure locations such has Mount Snowdon and Beacon Cove (Torquay) His latest album Mountains is no exception, an album jam packed of stories crafted from an acoustic guitar and life experience. In which he worked with the amazingly talented 'Dan Stirling Audio' to bring these stories to life. Johnjames is always looking for new music, and often finds new influences in a variety of places, therefore he has created a regularly updated playlist, to share the bands & artists he is listening to: Johnjames Bruce: Currently Listening