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Bored with cookie-cutter pop sound! Drawing Arrows is a love letter to rock music. Not one band, not one decade, but the whole effect. With multiple influences - from Australian rock’n’roll, US grunge and flamenco guitar to Britpop rock and amped-up punk. With band members from Spain, the UK and right here in Australia, each member brings their own unique influences. Sidney (vocals) and David (bass/guitar) have previously worked on an experimental dubstep project (Milo Firewater). Haydn (drums) has previously played in rock bands (Fingerprints and Brandywine) and some time in jazz bands (RoomUpstairs and The Living Room Quartet) to round out his varied influences. They played at festivals in Sydney and Byron - but were frustrated by not being able to put on a truly live act. They went back to their roots. Powderfinger, Radiohead, U2, Queens of the Stoneage all influenced an authentic live sound that sits as well on stage as it does in your headphones.