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Jay Nash’s music is like the river that raised him - strong and deep, with a little bit of lullaby and a big damn current. Twenty years ago, he played loud in bars along the Saint Lawrence River, in the reaches of New York so far-flung they’re almost Canadian. For the last decade, he’s journeyed the US and Europe solo, selling over 60,000 records without ever putting ink on a conventional record deal. Now in the green mountains of Vermont, the quiet cold of winter rarefies wit and musicianship into the kind of Americana that knows where it comes from. “There's just something about a guy and a guitar. It is rock & roll at it's most purest form, distilled from the rich tradition of blues and folk music that birthed the genre in the first place. From Clapton back in the day to John Mayer now, find a guy who knows what he's doing with that instrument and his voice, and you've got a surefire recipe for songs that speak to us at our deepest levels. Jay Nash taps into the best of emotional, guitar-driven rock & roll, he has that uncanny gift to just make his guitar talk. With shimmering extended notes that give a well of melancholic emotionality to the guitar playing itself, Jay Nash proves how stirring a track can be when it's stripped down to just the basics.”