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ARTIST BIO: Beathe Keyler is the artist name of Beathe Kuchler. She is a songwriter and composer. A musician and a producer. She was born in 1967 in Bergen , Norway, named Beathe Dyngeland. Beathe sang before she could speak and felt that the music was her path, but eagered also strongly to be a dancer or an actress in her youth. She moved to Oslo, as she was seventeen, and tried to get a chance at the State School of Acting, but without any luck. She was totally devastated for about a month and took the high-school in Oslo instead and went out to work different jobs after that. After a fantastic Pink Floyd concert in Oslo, nineteen years old , she went out and bought herself her first guitar. After month and years with a lot of practising and playing, tender fingertips and sour tunes, she started making her own songs. Beathe moved to Germany in 1993 and lived there for five years. She got children and used her time getting to know how it is to be a mother. When the children got older and the guitar found its place in her lap again, she wrote more music and learnt how to play other instruments. Back in Norway, Bergen today, she writes and releases more music than before and loves to play together with the musicians in B. Keyler Band. Beathe Keyler prefers the acoustic guitar, but plays the harmonica, Synth and the Irish Bodhran drum as well. Beathe is very much inspired by The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin within the rock genre. Echoes