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Advena Lupus is a Norwegian/International music cooperation playing gothic heavy rock. Advena Lupus was born in a little house in the Norwegian forest by mr.Gangdal, around winter solstice in the year 2017. He made a voodoo stew out of these music genres: doom, black metal, rock, pop and metal. The Advena Lupus ended up tasting like Gothic Heavy Rock. “It's something like the weight of a Triptykon and Black Sabbath, with the feeling of the 80's goths.” — true.metal.has.color Advena Lupus style of music is old school with a modern twist. Not always sure about what the modern twist is. Maybe it's the way we produce the music, or maybe it's something else. The thing for sure is that the music should sound like Advena Lupus, with sound of real humans, whit all of the quirkiness, and «fault» made when humans are playing. Advena Lupus is (2020): Mr.Gangdal - Vocal, Guitar and Synth (Norway) Juan Carrizo - Lead Guitar (Mexico) Voltan Acat - Bass (Mexico) Jonas Schütz - Drum (Germany) If you dare to enter the world of Advena Lupus your welcome. We can not guarantee you will come back as the same as you are now. Advena Lupus Homepage: