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Fire Garden, an innovative and melodic rock band from Chicago, is the brainchild of Pakistani American songwriter and musician, Zee Baig. Since 2011, Zee’s Fire Garden has been creating music that fuses elements of rock, industrial, jazz, metal, and folk to create a unique sound that paints a tapestry of emotions with layers of sound and lyrics. Zee has released a pair of EPs and a pair of full-length records under the Fire Garden name, each featuring a cadre of notable guest artists culled from particularly well-respected progressive rock acts (like Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard, Steven Wilson, and more) and backed by a few of Baig’s musician friends and bandmates from the Chicago area. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Baig writes and performs on guitars and keyboards within Fire Garden, and then at the next turn, you’ll find him revisiting his roots, recording traditional Pakistani ethnic music in support of musical friends and family members residing halfway across the world. Reviews of Fire Garden releases, from The Prelude to Sound of Majestic Colors, to Far and Near, and the new Point-Blank, have been consistently strong due to the depth of Baig’s songwriting and masterful musicianship, but it is never possible to narrowly define the sound and style of music like this.