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Ever since I was old enough to sit by my own, my father - who was, and still is very enthustiastic about music - would play all sorts of music for me, thus sparking a great interest in music within me - an interest that matured into a burning passion. When I was 15 years old I saved up and bought a used Amstrad computer and started experimenting with making music. The Amstrad was replaced with an Atari 520ST computer and various outboard gear. Being restricted by the limitations of the hardware available at that time, it demanded a certain restraint and creativity, and every last KB of RAM was utilized. My Atari was eventually replaced by a PC, which allowed more focus and elbow room to the refined details of the music. It also presented more opportunities for being able to use longer and higher quality samples. By the year 2000 my outboard gear was only taking up space and collecting dust, so I traded it all for a couple of Technics SL1210MK2, and started using Reason from swedish Propellerhead Software (now Reason Studios) exclusively, and I have been using it ever since. Throughout the years I've been experimenting with various genres like chillout, lounge, house, techno, trance and of course drum'n'bass. In the continuous process of finding my own sound I frequently stray from the path, which is exactly what makes creating music interesting for me.