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The Other is considered to be Europe’s most popular Horror Punk-band. The gruesome quintett has haunted the stages from Los Angeles to Moscow for many years and has released acclaimed albums since 2004. Shows and tours with Alice Cooper, Danzig, Bela B., Misfits, Ignite, The 69 Eyes, The Cult, Eisbrecher, Jennifer Rostock, Deathstars, The Damned, Christian Death or Wednesday 13 added to the success of the grave-rockers and are proof, that The Other appeals to Punk-Rock, Goth- and Metal-audiences alike. The Other is a regular guest at internationally known festivals like Wacken Open Air, Mera Luna, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Amphi Festival, Summer Breeze Open Air, Rock Harz and many more. The Other’s has release two comic books, many videoclips and is a regularly featured in the press and on TV and radio. Label: Drakkar Booking: Rodeostar / Thorsten Harm, Booking Eastern-Europe: Unlight Music Promotion Publishing: Enorm Music Web: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: theother_horrorpunk Twitter: