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Toukan Toukän is a French pop duo. Laure is a singer, a songwriter and a composer. She sails with various projects, exploring pop and electronic territories. She also ventures into sound design for advertising. Étienne is a drummer, a record producer and a sound designer. He glides above acoustic and electronic landscapes. Together they invented their dream destination: Toukan Toukän. Their « boundaryless pop music » is full of energy, colours and hilly and mountainous reliefs. With English and French lyrics, they look at the world–the light and the darkness–through an optimistic prism. On stage, the duo unleashes its nomadic and unbridled personality in an organic set design, stimulating the eyes, the ears and the body. An invitation to let go… Mangrove / Le Merveilleux Voyage de Toukan Toukän EP Follow us : Insta : toukantoukan_band Fb : Toukan Toukan Twitter : LesToukanToukan YouTube : Toukan Toukän