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Through experimentation and discovery, Miguel Hiroshi developed masterful sound sensitivity, the skill for creating percussive resonance from almost anything his hands touched. Hiroshi became also well-versed in percussion instruments of African, Mediterranean, South-American and Indian origin. Since 2006, Hiroshi has also been playing, exploring and producing music with handpans, a kind of melodic steel drum recently created and believed to bear no culture or heritage behind it. Adapting his techniques, knowledge and musicality, Hiroshi has created his own unique style for Hang playing. Versatile and genre-expanding, Hiroshi is also excited about pushing the boundaries of electronic music, creating a fusion of digital and analogue sources, incorporating acoustic instruments such as percussion, handpans, flutes or small guitars. Hiroshi’s musicality spans musical genres such as Flamenco, Jazz, World Music, Film Music, New Age, Singer Songwriter, and music for other artistic disciplines such as Theatre, Dance and Circus Arts. Miguel Hiroshi’s first album, Oniriko orinoko, was recorded in 2019 between Europe, Mexico and the United States, and was inspired by a powerful dream Hiroshi had about one of South America’s great rivers, the Orinoco. Hiroshi’s second album is a work-in-progress that explores flamenco chants and rhythms together with elemental materials like wood, iron, clay, water and electronic textures. Visit