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The final days of Duologue’s 2012 US tour are a blur for the band’s co-founder, Toby Leeming. After DJ’ing in a bar in New York’s Brooklyn, the Londoner walked into A&E with intense flu-like symptoms.
Doctors later noted that no other patient of theirs had ever left the hospital after being admitted with such low blood counts. He had virtually no blood and was riddled with weird and wonderful infections. Despite the hospital’s best efforts, the root cause remained a mystery.
Five months later, doctors back home diagnosed him with a rare and virulent blood cancer. He needed a bone-marrow transplant and full-body irradiation, a procedure reserved for the under-40s because of its profound side-effects.
After four years of treatment and recovery, Toby has formed a new band, Future Present, with former Duologue bandmate and guitarist Toby Lee. The first EP ‘A Near Run Thing’ is being released in late 2018 as part of a campaign with the Anthony Nolan Trust to encourage people to sign up on the bone marrow donor register. The album ‘Radio Therapy’ will follow in the New Year.
Toby intended the album to be a cheerful, direct and life-affirming way of saying thanks to everyone who supported him but, listening to it today, he admits that it is rather more dark and revealing than that.
‘Radio Therapy’ was completed in Toby's studio in Suffolk where he created the album on his own. He has subsequently formed a four-piece band to gig the record in 2019.


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