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* Update May 2021 * This month we have signed a contract with a record label for our second album ''Colours of Faith''. An announcement about the label and more details will be announced shortly. After the successful release of our live-in-studio video ''Open Wounds'', we have began working on a music video for one of the other songs from the album. More news to follow in the coming months. Artist pick of the month: Grave Miasma - Abyss of Wrathful Deities About the band: Sisyphean is an atmospheric black metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania originally formed back in 2012. In 2017 the new band recorded their debut album “Illusions of Eternity” (Drakkar Productions, LP/CD/MC). The debut offers a melodic, but together a dissonant blend of decadent black metal infused with a strong death metal punch in the formula that reflects the bleak yet crushing emotions of the album. The music relies heavily on eerie, grim atmospheres and cavernous melodies with a spectral cast, creating chilling emotions taking you to the brink, just to let you fall into a mental stab in the back. 2020 has brought a number of line-up changes that were necessary in order to materialize the new songs and vision. 2021 will be a year that will see a new LP "Colours of Faith" taking shape.