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Raised from the caliche bound floor of the Sonoran Desert, Jim Howell draws from the duality of human life, hope in the sink of depression, light peering through evil, and achievement measured by lowered expectations. Burn It Down Bleedin' Heart is a mantra for the self and a call to others to join together. A plea to humbly brandish the heart that bleeds for humankind resist the bullies and burn down the establishment of hate, mistrust and self-service. Jim has released two previous efforts that were combined band and solo performances. On the latest album Jim holed up in his midtown Tucson recording studio and poured out the songs, performed and recorded all musical instruments and vocals himself during the first quarter of 2018. The process was both labor of love and an exorcism of the emotions of 2017 at once. It was a fast and furious experience with no time spent rethinking or second guessing ideas. With the sum of additional knowledge from earlier recording projects and the focus of isolated determination, this proves to be Jim's strongest songs and sound yet. For sure this collection of songs are at least the most sincere and true to his own voice.