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Raju is a writer and recording artist from Zion, IL. Born Alan Joshua Patterson. Raju wrote his first poem as a senior in high school as an assignment in a government class. This assignment exposed Raju to the world of words, and he as been writing every since. Raju has always had a passion for all genres of music from Classical to Reggae; however, his favorite genres are soul, Blues and Hip-Hop. Raju Raju writes about love and social justice. He describes his art as "Provositive" = Provocative, but positive at the same time. Provocative because I use certain words intentionally to get the listeners attention, and positive because there is always a construction principle within his music. Raju means, "A king with no kingdom" which Raju empathizes with since it speaks to the experience of Africans around the world - Products of the African diaspora. Learn more about Raju at his website: www.rajuworld.com<br>