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Johnny Showcase is an electrifying experience. This 10-piece Philadelphia-based group is an innovative, joyful tour-de-force that blissfully toes the line between performance art and a psychedelic soul revival. Carrying the torch of funk-rock pioneers like Funkadelic and Frank Zappa, their ecstatic live shows and have gained a massive following and propelled Johnny to something that of a funky Philly folk hero legend. Johnny Showcase is a sweaty, charismatic showman from Rhode Island who is equal parts Andy Kaufman and Prince. Surrounding him is a rag tag group of performers, including a spiritual adviser named Rumi Kitchen (OOLALA), two vacuous vocalists collectively named The Truth, and the knife sharp backing band the Mystic Ticket. Johnny Showcase began as a bizarro theatre act The Lefty Lucy Cabaret, but soon moved towards the clubs as they came to be known as legit musical outfit outside the theatre scene. 2011 saw the release of their debut album Love Is the Message, co-produced with Henry Hirsch (Lenny Kravitz, Madonna), followed up in 2012 with the self-produced Mystic Ticket I : The Pump Fake. Their 2015 album The Octopus! was hailed by Philadelphia Magazine as a "thick, sweaty psychedelic masterpiece"