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Formed in May 2008, Kırkbinsinek is Alper Antmen(guitar,lead vocals), Volkan İncüvez (guitar), Douglas Vegas(synthesizer), Tolga Öztürk(basses) and Özgür Devrim Akçay(drums,back vocals) and . The band is musically and spiritually impressed by the psychedelic movement of late 60’s and 70’s. In band’s music, besides this psychedelic impressions and improvisational parts, you can hear the modes of Anatolian Folk Music and World Music. Band’s name comes from a namesake poem of Charles Bukowski(40,000 flies). Band has taken this name with the thought of the sound of 40,000 flies flying in the same place,in the same time. The band’s song “Pus Almış Dağı” appeared in the album “Kompile Karga 3” which was released by Karga Bar (İstanbul) in 2012. “Sis Pus Sus” , which is the debut album of the band, is released in April 2015 by record label World in Sound in Germany. ”Hoyrat” which is a song of the band, is took place in documentary of Elena Dalmasso in 2016. Name of the documentary is “The Dream City”, it’s about urban renewal in Fikirtepe, İstanbul. The band made music for documentary, which is name “Kaza Değil Cinayet” of Fatih Pınar in July of 2019. Band’s second album “Toprak Ana” released in November of 2019 by record label Venüs Music (İstanbul) in Turkey.