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Abby Anderson was born to be on stage. The singer/songwriter has a smile that can light up any room, a personality as big as the state she hails from, and a voice that can captivate any audience. The songstress has had a passion for performing for as long as she can remember, all thanks to her music-loving family. Growing up in Dallas, Texas with six siblings in a house "full of music," many of her childhood memories involve singing and playing the piano. "My earliest memory is my dad always singing so loud in church," she recalls. "I remember asking him, 'Dad why do you sing so loud? It's embarrassing.'" "He looked at me very seriously and said, 'God gave me a gift and I'm gonna use it. If I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna sing loud.'" "I'll always remember that," Anderson shares. "That's something I always try to do too. I believe God gave me a gift, and I just want to use it." As she grew older, Anderson developed a love for country music and decided she was going to move to Nashville to chase her dreams. Three years later, Anderson and her mom packed up the car and drove to Nashville. Anderson dove head first into the Nashville music scene where she spent a few years honing in on her craft. She soon found a home at Black River Entertainment, where she landed both a publishing and a record deal.