Max Cooper

Scientific-minded electronic music producer Max Cooper makes music that spans from serene ambient techno to hard-hitting club bangers.

Many of his songs fall somewhere between, and are sonically beautiful and intelligent even when they are danceable. After receiving a Ph.D. in computational biology from Nottingham University, the part-time DJ spun records and made beats at night, while working days as a genetics researcher at University College London. Despite serving double duties, he managed to put out a huge amount of material, releasing five EPs (One Is None, Crushbox, Harmonisch Serie, Stochastisch Serie, and InhaleExhale) and two full-lengths (FRANK and Symphonica) between 2007 and 2010. He then made the decision to pursue music full-time. He released five more EPs (Chaotisch Serie, Series, Expressions, Metaphysical, and Amalgamations) and a full-length (Ediolic Spectra) by the end of 2011. Cooper also managed to squeeze in some remix work, taking unique looks at songs by Au Revoir Simone, Sasha, Hot Chip, and Portishead. Continuing the breakneck pace, in 2012 he collaborated with visual artist Whiskas fX to make a run of experimental videos and put out yet another EP, Egomodal. ~ Jason Lymangrover, Rovi

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