M.A.N (Marina Anne Nolles)

M.A.N (Marina Anne Nolles)


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M.A.N is a woman. M.A.N is Marina Anne Nolles, half French/ half American singer songwriter. M.A.N sings prickly words, caressing you with a velvet glove. M.A.N is in love with her band, the MANiACS M.A.N thrives to make good music, with real people, with real instruments, drinking good wine and have a good life. The music has evolved from computer-made Trip Hop (collaboration with E. Zenone in 2016, E.P "Busy Man's World") to a rougher approach with the new band's input. It is inspired by strong women like Laura Marling, Emiliana Torrini, the French artist Camille, and bands like Portishead, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys, The Alabama Shakes... We recorded "Chemically Yours" and "The lake" in the oldest and most vintage recording studio in Toulouse, Studio Condorcet, produced by Olivier Cussac.

THE MANiACS : Elodie Longuemart : drums, vocals; Arnaud Beyney : Guitar, Bass, vocals; Romain Thorel : keyboard, French Horn, vocals. A first M.A.N AND THE MANiACS' E.P is on its way...