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Meg Myers is collapsed on the floor of her apartment, crying uncontrollably. It's the kind of cry you don't even wish upon your worst enemies, the kind that comes from that hidden place where all your demons are trying to break free. You'd think something terrible had just happened, but quite the opposite. The singer/songwriter was listening back to mixes of her new record, Take Me to the Disco, when a profound realization swept over her. "When I first wrote some of these songs, I thought I knew what I was writing about. But since then I'd been on this spiritual, therapeutic journey and had a lot of revelations about myself and why I am the way I am,". "Listening back made me realize what I was really writing about...what was underneath it all," continues Meg, who grew up in a Jehovah's Witness household before leaving to pursue music in L.A. at the age of 19. "All of a sudden it all made sense to me and overwhelmed me with a flood of tears and joy.

I thought I was writing about love loss but I've learned it goes much deeper than that. It's going back to the child in me that needed to be healed. I've always written from a true place, I'm now writing from an even deeper level of honesty." On Take Me To The Disco, the angst is still there. So is the push-and-pull of those light and dark moments, but there is now newfound wisdom and perspective...and a little bit of humor.