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Atlanta, Georgia native Deveondi is a hip hop artist that began his career in music when he was just a teenager in the 90's. In 2004 he decided to go all in by starting his on record label. In 2005, under the name Chosen 1 he released his first ever album titled ‘I Ain’t No Gangsta’ which he sold himself out of the trunk of his Honda Accord. The southern rapper stepped away from the business for a while but returned in January 2020 with a new company and new music for all to fall in love with. In February 2020 he surprised everyone with the first global album titled ‘Real Events’ which Deveondi Spotify streams reached nearly 90,000 streams in the first 3 months with very little promotion. Deveondi’s buzz and fanbase quickly grew from his followers on social media to building a loyal fanbase in countries such as United States, Bangladesh, South Africa, India, and the United Kingdom.

In June 2020 with all the police brutality and police misconduct being brought to the forefront of everyones screens the rapper decided to release a single entitled ‘Don’t You Ever (Black Lives Matter) which people from all walks of life immediately gravitated to and has since become an anthem worldwide. The buzz from the albums ‘Real Events and Don’t You Ever’ are so lit that it gave Deveondi great momentum to put out another album in the same year titled ‘Last Definition of Dope’. Many of his fans are saying his music is so great that he has become their favorite artist of all time.