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679 monthly listeners Twitter @patrickkrief 
 Patrick Krief has turned on, tuned in, dropped out and come out the other side with a psychedelic masterpiece of secular shamanistic humanism.

On Chemical Trance, the Montreal musician taps into that holy intersection of divine and mortality, confronting his own vulnerabilities in a beautiful cacophony that, at times, recalls Pink Floyd, late-era Beatles, Leonard Cohen and Radiohead. Yet, somehow, is uniquely Patrick Krief. 

Nothing short of a reinvention for the Montreal singer-songwriter, the album is an assertion of artistic autonomy. Conceived as continuous listen, there’s a total freedom of spirit that envelops its 10 song musical suits. And it’s in that healing spirit that Krief invites you to experience this musical freedom with him. So grab on your head phones, close your eyes and drift to another plane.