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Parts Stoner, Sludge, Punk, Hard Rock, Doom, Grunge Classic Rock, Heavy Metal and Prog Rock. Problem With Dragons create a rich tapestry of different noises and riffs where it can be very hard to keep up with at times. It shouldn't really work but Problem With Dragons pull this off with conviction and style. 
 “Problem With Dragons’ third release is a sludgy, doomed behemoth of an album, wielding crushing weight and dynamic vocal performances to fell foul beasts and puny eardrums alike." ~ Stoner Hive 
 "This band certainly have a style of their own and are pretty hard to pigeonhole, it’s genre-bending and only the open-minded need apply.

Heavy, quirky and most importantly, very listenable. Crank it up!!" ~ Down The Front Media 
 "The thick layer of sludge that emerges from this album paves a path to your very own personal ride to space." ~ Valley Advocate