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From teenage dreams to the law of attraction, the genesis of this young rock band was spawned on the Central Coast of NSW in an Australian town called Gosford. A place geographically quarantined from the tyranny of inner city trends. All in their mid-teens the founding members comprising of Bassist Bradley Hughes, a multi Instrumentalists and dedicated young musician teamed up with Drummer Bailey Graeber from Newcastle, a reincarnated ‘Keith Moon’. Together they were committed to forming a band based on their shared passion for old school rock. They began jamming in the garage and their search for the right Vocalist came with a suggestion from a friend about a 16 year old kid named Taime Marsh from Shellharbour, another isolated town on the South Coast of NSW. 
 With the band’s debut single, ‘Lay You Down’ reaching No. 1 on the Triple J unearthed charts, the band upped the ante and welcomed new member Kyle Fardell, a quirky young Guitarist from Orange. (An even more remote, rural NSW town). He joined Taime to form a formidable driving guitar team. At this stage, the band realising that something special had come to fruition, they began taking their music around Australia. 
 Following the release of two more singles, ‘Under My Skin’ and ‘The Ritual’ the band again topped the charts with both tracks on Triple J Unearthed. With three consecutive No.1’s within 12 months, The Witching Hour ranked 11th out of the Top 20 Most Played on Triple J unearthed 2019.