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MIIV was born en caul, a half human who lives between dreams and reality. Ears to the unseen, MIIV’s music summons disorienting spirits to the daylight. A headphone junky, MIIV found solace in books and writing poetry to dissect their world and relationships, sometimes work-shopping lyrics and tune ideas in their bedroom. But, it wasn’t until their senior year of high school that they began learning how to produce.

Surrounded by the sounds of Fela Kuti, James Brown, and Southern gospel, MIIV’s childhood was baptized by rhythm and harmony. A musical goldilocks of sorts they bounced around from trumpet, to drums, to guitar, before finally settling on the electric bass, which often takes the forefront in their production and is surrounded by lush vocal arrangements that harken back to their choir-girl days. Now in their last year of college and no longer submerged in the white suburbia of Wisconsin, MIIV drifts between Brooklyn and their bed, finding inspiration in broken mirror outside of NYC stoops, the silent hum of machines and water faucets, awkward conversations, and erotic nature. An interdisciplinary artist, bassist, and producer, MIIV is simply trying to figure out what being human is all about. photos by Yulissa Benitez