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Annie O'Malley has been singing since she was able to speak, and writing since age 8. Starting off on a guitar covered in stickers and her parents writing the lyrics before she was able to, music is a apart of who she is. Singing and songwriting has been the biggest part of her life since the very beginning. annie believes being honest about emotions and being transparent about self help is an extremely important key to living a full life. Growing up in a household that encouraged conversations about feelings and struggles she continues to do so in her music today. annie was put on this earth to make a change in something greater than herself, and music has blessed her with the opportunity to do so. "I consider my music to be a small percentage of the stories, thoughts, and ideas that circulate through my head on a daily basis, and I want the listener to feel like we are having a meaningful one on one conversation while listening", annie says. Follow annies journey to see what projects, videos, and shows are in her future. After touring with the band Chicago as their opener, for 16 shows, she dove into the studio with 3 Doors Down producer Johnny Karkazis. Her ep "Golden" came out in 2020, with seven tracks all written by Annie herself. The topics range from letting go a past turmoil in "Island" and "Planet Golden", to going through phases of wanting to rebel in "Mrs. Nice", even songs that make you feel instant peace like

"Golden Doves". Follow to see whats next!