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34 monthly listeners Serge Bodart is a Belgian composer and stage director. Musical universe As a pianist by training, I attach great importance to the relationship between sound, silence and tension. I use the warmth of folk music and the rhythmic roughness of Western music, incorporating sound effects, working on the idea of soundscapes and keeping in mind the concept of a white frame to express a black background. Influences My musical universe is based on classical and traditional music. Other influences were grafted on this foundation: Peter Gabriel (Passion), Prince, Miles Davis (Ascenseur pour Echafaud), Afrocelts, Michaël Brook et Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Björk, Massive Attack, Kusturica et Bregovic, Fellini and Nino Rota, the movies of Werner Herzog and Popol Vuh, Eisenstein and Prokofiev, Pierre et le Loup, West Side Story, Theodorakis and more. Stagecraft When it comes to composing music for the stage, I work on the visual image to emphasize its content or, conversely, to develop a second degree of reading. A work has harmony if the balance between subject, emotion, visual image and music is respected. I work with bands to help them arrange and interpret their songs and to stage their concerts. A concert must be a show; a performance. I also work with dance-theatre companies; always with the aim of enhancing emotions created by music through the balanced use of visual images, lighting and the stage presence of artists.