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Coming from the city of Benton Harbor out of the state of Michigan. 25 year old Keiontae Alexander aka Keysoul has been in love with music since the age of 13. Been the only child growing up with a single mother in a poorest neighborhoods in Michigan he definitely tends to stand out. Defining his moment when he knew he wanted to do music just by listening to one of late rapper 2pac songs. “It was just me and the music man I felt his soul through a song and that feeling was something I wanted to share with the world from then, I felt like it could change the world.” With 2 pac being one of his main influences other than jcole, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe fiasco it’s clear to say that this young artist has a unique influence for his unique style of rapping. He mixes soul and Hiphop in one while keeping the roots of hardcore rap style. He started recording at around the age of 17 through trial and error and working on his skills he’s learned how to illustrate his emotions and experiences through music in his own way. Most recent project “trust the process” was his first mixtape being release and was a colossal showcase of growth. The upcoming project “Struggle and manifest” will be an ep he plans on dropping very soon. Most recent release was his summer anthem “is you with it?” which was a roll call for everyone on the grind against the odds and those who doubted him. As anyone can probably imagine this is one Midwest rap artist to look out for to do some big things.