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Musician, Composer & Lover in the arts of Bombast-Rock Ricky was born on the 12th July 1991. He studied Vocals and Piano for modern Jazz and started working in the music business around 2012 with his first Show called "Welcome To The Freakshow". Musically, he started way before at 7 years with playing the drums and 10 years later founding his first band. In the years between 2012-2018 Ricky did three different show tours around switzerland and composed for featuering artists or other events. (e.g. Angela Baumann, Marissa Foucogney, Sylphe, Nadine Zemp, Nintendo Switzerland). Ricky Leroy Brown`s second home (musically) is Madrid Spain. Since his debut at the Freddie Mercury Memorial Festival 2012 (Montreux), his love for queen music is undeniable and he gets booked here and there for cover performances in spain. He was headliner at several benefit concerts in madrid and is still working with Q71 on new projects. His Debut Album "Ricky Leroy Brown" is

a one-man project, meaning everything you hear on the record was played and created by Ricky himself. It`s a concept album with 1 bonus track including Sylphe and Nadine Zemp. The Album itself dwells in the genre: Bombast-Rock but includes several other genres like: Soul, Blues, Funk, Music-Hall or Pop.