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Band of Gold

Band of Gold

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Posted By Band of Gold

When Band of Gold released their debut album in autumn 2015, they were a pleasant surprise for many people.

Both Nina and Nikolai have spent a long time on the Norwegian music scene, but this was a project they’d worked on in the quiet. When the album was released, though, it was no doubt that this was a band that had the right to live. The positive reviews were many, the fans flocked to their concerts, and the whole thing peaked when they won the Nordic Music Prize during by:Larm 2016, as the first Norwegian artist ever.

But now Band of Gold are no longer a secret. Now there are expectations. And they have been fulfilled.

«Where’s the Magic» is the band’s second album – an album about the passion we all seek and crave for. It’s not hard to find passion in Band of Gold’s songs. It’s on every chord here, and we get a ferocity that the debut album from 2015 didn’t have. On «I Wanna Dance With You Again», the first single from «Where’s the Magic», Mortvedt’s vocals are admirable, and underneath its lovely arrangement we find a pop song that’s completely irresistible.

But the album doesn’t just have grand pop songs. «Where’s the Magic» also contains experimental songs that challenge the listeners, ballads so beautiful that they will bring tears to your eyes, and slow pop songs that will force you to play the album again.

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