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“Why I Love Jackson Penn” by Freddy Wexler JACKSON PENN is what you vividly remember from your high-school prom, even though you went with someone else, and you went to different high schools. JACKSON PENN writes songs half the night, plays them for you the other half, then takes you out to breakfast. JACKSON PENN is the phrase you're thinking of but just can't say. JACKSON PENN has been cited for sixty-two noise violations and has baked cookies for the old lady who lives upstairs. JACKSON PENN is a momma's boy. JACKSON PENN is impulsive, compulsive, and somewhat obsessive. JACKSON PENN is the mastermind behind the prank call that got you suspended, grounded, and dumped. But he’s also the friend that got you high, laid, and into Princeton on a scholarship. JACKSON PENN is the sound that wakes your parents up on Sunday morning, before you've gone to bed. JACKSON PENN occasionally channels the voice of Diana Ross when writing songs, which has been known to make those around him uncomfortable. JACKSON PENN dreams in kaleidoscopic stereo. Somewhere, it's 4pm and raining and JACKSON PENN is eating pancakes, writing a song that Freddy Wexler is unconsciously humming.