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Say hello to Swimming With Alice - the musical partnership of Steve Knibbs and Claire Carter. As colleagues once in the same Gloucestershire office, it was their mutual love of live music and powerful lyrics that cemented a long term friendship. Playing piano and cajon, Steve has been on the band scene in the West of the UK for a very long time. Known for his entertaining style and catchy rhythms his ability to effortlessly dance on the keys will never leave you. With influences from the acoustic and country scenes, Claire adds the soulful and honest lyrics with her guitar and raw tones of a voice full of every emotion. Now, for the first time, 2020 brings original SWA material. Tracks to come include ‘Not You’ and ‘Dream’ prove the duo’s powerful ability to tell a story, while ‘Dance Like…’ explores their range, crossing into a party you want to be invited to. #WeSwimWithAlice