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Music Within is the creation of Toronto based composer and musician Rob McAllister. Yep, that’s me up there looking all deep and contemplative! Drop a Follow to stay in the loop with my latest releases :) I'm really excited to share my new release Finding Stillness II. This ambient/neoclassical full-length album came out on May 7th. Picking up where 2018’s Finding Stillness left off, this music will again lull you to a blissed escape with its dreamy, slow-moving pieces. It offers a soundtrack for reflection, introspection, and meditation. On the most basic level, with Music Within I aim to create emotive cinematic music. From soft, dreamy compositions approaching ambient, to raw solo piano and string-based pieces approaching classical. I like to look at it like I’m writing music for films that don’t yet exist, or that may only ever live as unique stories within each listener’s mind. I also write music for film projects that do exist, most recently co-scoring the documentary film Town of Widows. Bonus: I also release music under a few other monikers. If you’re curious, my darker alter ego is Atomic Sun. I share nature recordings under Whispering Landscapes. Last but certainly not least, I play guitar in the progressive, extreme metal band Centuries of Decay. Website: Buy Music: Sheet Music: For sync or licensing please contact