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Santa Ana based MNTRA is Zac Finn and Johnny West, two best friends who grew up in Southern California playing music together. Despite playing in the same bands and helping each other create music independently throughout the years, Zac and Johnny never thought to form a project together, let alone a dance music project. It was always some wild dream that could never come true for the very reasons most dreams don't come true: we're more comfortable letting life pass us by than we are risking it all for our passions. By the time MNTRA began to take shape, Zac and Johnny were living 400 miles apart: Johnny was in San Francisco finishing his training as a Meisner Technique actor while Zac, passionate about mental health, had gone back to school to pursue a doctorate and become a therapist. Still, something felt like it was missing for the both of them. Zac called Johnny out of the blue to tell him that he was taking a leap of faith—he had dropped all his classes to go after music full-time, refusing to live with the question of "what if?" Exactly one year later, Johnny moved back to Southern California and MNTRA was formed. The music is what they've always dreamed of hearing—massive instrumentals built on Zac's synths and Johnny's electric guitars, with empowering lyrics and fierce beats designed for movement through dance and yoga.