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Imagine one full life, here on earth, ending and another beginning, here on earth? Who knew?! To my great surprise and joy, I’ve entered another life, and a dream is literally unfolding within and without. We’re talking TWO stories here. My old story is sorry, gory, yet full of glory - Sweet ‘n’ Sour, and behold, to my surprise and “great unexpectations,” a second story now begins to unfold. And singing is the principal part of it. I’m so stoked at my septuagenarian launching into this wonderful musical reality. I’m suddenly like a little kid. Second childhood? No. It’s REALITY! The many songs here will tell my stories. Mysterious, provocative, perhaps incredible, yet all true, wondrous, and satisfying. And YOU are here for it. Shortly after God revealed Himself to me in 1975, He began to give me songs until today. I didn’t do anything with them until 2018 and now, here they are. So overjoyed and excited.