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Head to http://www.hinterswill.com for more info. Hinters Will are a four piece high energy Rock band, that puts a hell of a lot of passion into their music. "Whenever we write music, it always comes down to how it makes us feel, rather than how it should go. If it doesn't feel good it gets scraped. We all know when we have found that magic moment, because it feels magic" 'Hinters Will' hailing from Port Lincoln, originally formed in 2012 with original members, Ry Fuller, Dustin Dennis, Joel Scott and Adam Kurtin. The band fell apart after bass player, Adam left in 2013. Hinters Will re-formed in 2015 welcoming new bass player Lindsay Sheridan. Since then, Hinters Will have been busy consistently writing new music. They maintain a regular schedule of catching up each week to jam, write music and enjoy good times together. The relationship between the band has become like one big happy family.