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Hi, this is AyseDeniz. I decided to be a pianist when I received a giant candy box after winning a competition when I was 6. Since then I embarked upon a musical journey, hoping to break down walls of musical discrimination & labelling by merging styles and performing Beethoven Senses to Classical Concept Tribute to Pink Floyd to A Chopin Affair: Sonatas to Nirvana Project . In 2019 my all original album Earth Prelude opened a new chapter in my life and with your wonderful support, I now continue composing more original piano tracks that are inspired by the Pacific Ocean waves, horrendous wildfires, the poems I read and the art I love. I hope to raise awareness and to spread my love for nature by moving you through sound waves. Enjoy my last Album Motus , and my Pure Piano Suite by AyseDeniz and let me know what you think by writing to me in Instagram or YouTube Channel: ADPianist