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My curiosity brought me into the keyboard room and with my informal training on Piano I plunked a few chords out on every synth. They all had the most wonderful sounds. I had already been a fan of popular Synth Pop so the idea of composing music with synthesizers was more than welcome in my mind. I started to sold mixed music on cassettes and music…Cover parties. At the beginning of 1991, I dedicated my self to a very well known DJ. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. The mix lives inside me…(Italian Dad / Lebanese Mom)… from Original sets and sharp techniques on the mixer along with music selection, opened me new area as DJ/Producer. In 2002, I moved to Miami where I began as a guest DJ in different bars/clubs and as a Mobile DJ too... I’m currently focusing all my knowledge and experiences creating remixes and the production of original themes and original music! I have created my own style on remixes! you can check on my website 313f-2424-6e48-b77e-a149 Here you can find my podcast!