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Hey! Thanks for scrolling this far - a bit about me: I studied jazz saxophone for 4 years, then my first gig was playing with a WHAM! tribute band (I can't listen to Careless Whisper any more). I love all things pop, so decided to write some of my own. My debut single ‘Be My’ was picked up by BBC Introducing in my home town of Nottingham, and since I've started working with producer Joe Rodwell to release my first EP ‘Obsessions’. 'Obsessions' is an exploration of dreampop, but my new songs draw on my newfound love of hyper-pop and PC Music. Ever

since I listened to GFOTY, my tunes are full of bubbles and glitches, and I will pitch shift any sound I can get my hands on, be it birdsong or a recycling bin (That's an open challenge btw, send me a gross sound and I'll make a cute pop bop). I love stacking these with 80s and 90s synths, transporting them to the FUTURE.