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As a multi-faceted artist, Sapphire brings an enviable and rare concoction of singing, songwriting and dancing…making her the epitome of an all-around entertainer. Her talents are wrapped in an electric exterior unlike no other young artist today. Dripping with positive and energetic vibes, Sapphire’s style of performance mirrors that of a musical chameleon, adapting to a variety of genres, while bringing with it perfectly-blended doses of pop, electronic dance and R&B. With a passion for performance triggered by world-renowned superstars like Usher, Beyonce and Michael Jackson, Sapphire’s undeniable drive continues to fuel the fire of her determination. Her stellar ability to use songwriting as a way to speak to a universal audience makes her musical creations an attractive outlet for fans of all ages and walks of life. Although she may describe herself as shy by nature, there is nothing shy about the powerful undertones and addictive lyrical flavor intertwined within each song she writes. Creating relatable songs and lyrics from her real life struggles, Sapphire thrives to be the voice for others, in a celebration of all the good and bad that life entails. With a voice so powerful it has the ability to stop you in your tracks, just one listen invites you into the very haven from which she creates