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On her new EP Sleep With Ghosts, Jaclyn Reinhart chronicles a chaotic period in her life in the direct, unflinching style that’s made her one of Canada’s most promising new roots rock artists. For the New Brunswick-based singer/songwriter, the five songs on Sleep With Ghosts represent not only how she’s made a fresh start with her personal life, they also mark a significant creative step forward. After fully embracing an Americana approach to her new material, Jaclyn set about connecting with the right collaborators who could bring it to life. That sense of confidence clearly shines through on “Last Disaster,” an edgy rocker co-written with Andy Brown that details the start of the healing process after leaving an abusive relationship. A similar theme is the foundation of “Rearview,” co-written with Kim Williams and delivered in a more pop-friendly package. “I don’t consider myself a country artist, but these songs flirt with that genre a bit, especially since we had some great Nashville musicians put down some tracks,” Jaclyn says. “All of the musicians I worked with really came through in creating the feel that I was looking for. I hope two of my biggest influences, Sheryl Crow and Tom Petty, would give their approval.”