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Born in 1991 during the Soviet Union, Evgueny Jevaguine traveled through Germany and France before finally settling in Montreal,Canada.Interested in all sorts of music since a very young age, Evgueny Jevaguine soon realized that electronic music was where his heart is truly at. Over the last years,he created a very personal and distinct sound.His style focuses on the dark side of music as well as the atmospheric side bringing you the perfect fusion of Techno & Trance One of the most solid professional progressive and melodic dj/producer from Montreal. With 11 years of experience in music composition Evgueny Jevaguine has been a consistent player in the field for many years Evgueny Jevaguine s music is uniquely Dark, uplifting, mystic and beautiful, and there can be no doubt that he is one of the standout electronic artists today. His work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival. Its restrained, euphoric, sensual beauty flows effortlessly into an ever-blossoming journey as it weaves its slow-build seductive spell. These driving but nevertheless spiritual sounds are making the magic happen. In a world of short lived hits and quickly passing fads, he is focused on music with a more lasting impression on his own brand with the power of social media

and his knowledge in marketing branding and promotion