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To define Rafael Serrallet with only one word is impossible. Nevertheless, if one was to try, it would be passion. Passion for music, beauty, creativity and for the classical guitar. He has the ability to transfer emotions during a concert and to connect with the audience, whether it’s within the intimacy of a solo concert or with the splendour of a big stage that has thousands of people in attendance. Serrallet and his magic guitar touch the heart and soul of his spell bound audiences. With a career spanning twenty five years and more than a thousand concerts across eighty countries, Serrallet is probably the most internationally experienced Spanish guitar concertist, with an “outstanding performance gift” (Corriere de la Sera). From his own merits, he has become one of Spain's global music ambassadors, as defined by the Brazilian Radio Cultura, “Rafael keeps ploughing the path laid by Segovia, taking the guitar to every corner in the planet”.  Rafael Serrallet is a charismatic performer who has the ability to merge with his guitar during

performances, leaving the audiences breathless. His music is “surprisingly delicate and full of extraordinary charm, tenderness, beauty and perfect softness” (Day-Kiev).