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“The Music lays the Foundation & the BRAND leads the Movement. This my Calling “ - Kao

Love and Music are the tools used when our Hero, Raphel ‘Kao Wonder ‘ Faison, engages with the world to conquer hearts and inspire hope whenever he touches a stage. Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn New York, Kao took the lessons from school and applied it on his personal quest for stardom, dancing in local neighborhood talent shows and taking vocal lessons on the side so he can be like the “Hero’s “ he saw on on Tv. In Atlanta , Kao received his alias name from the word “Chaotic “ (he spelled it Kayohtiq) , which described the dynamic energy and unspoken demand for attention on the stage whenever he would dance or perform. Music would eventually be his Evolution, and today he continues to execute this vision, singing tunes of Self Awareness , Love , and Empowerment of the individual. His core element being still inspired by Dance and Electronic music, Kao hopes to bridge the past world with the present , using retro inspired ingredients as a foundation but layering it with personal edge , style , and attitude. Calling his fans his “Highs&Lows” ,which represents the people who are naturally energetic or a bit hopeless on life , Kao plans to lead a nation of warriors , whose goals are not to only enjoy the music and show experience he provides , but increase or a develop a strong sense of pride and ownership to themselves in the process.