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Singer/songwriter/producer Andy Spain writes songs loaded with meaning and melody. 
 His latest release, 2020’s Echosis, explores the societal damage done by media overload and tribalism through the frames of mental health and isolation. The songs blend acoustic and electronic sounds a range of styles, with a strong rhythmic impact. Echosis a musical journey and singular artistic statement. 
 Blending influences ranging from British psychedelic rock and American folk to electronic artists like Kraftwerk and Wendy Carlos, Spain’s songwriting is lyrically dense and musically surprising. 
 In the studio, Andy Spain is the very definition of a one-man band, writing and performing all the parts on his releases, while also serving as producer. 
 He has three concept albums under his belt so far, starting with his debut, 2010’s Love In The Age Of Circuitry, plus a handful of non-album singles. 
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