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The band was founded in 1999 under the name ' Abyss '. Singer Roby Beccalli and guitarist Steve Volta (guitarist also with Pino Scotto from 2007 to 2015 and Pandaemonium from 2001 to 2012) recorded the first demo ' Castle of My Soul ' in 2002, mixed and mastered by Frank Andiver at the Zenith Studio in Lucca. In 2005

the first CD ' Endless World ' came out with the label Adrenaline/STEELHEART RECORDS and they perform in different venues to promote the album that is distributed with good results also in Japan. In 2010 the band releases, with the German label ROCK IT UP RECORDS, the second CD ' Invisible ' and returns on the stages to promote it. In 2016 Perpetual Fire signed a new record deal with SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS for the release in May 2017 of the third CD ' Bleeding Hands ' which had nine new songs plus a very personal version of ' Tush ' of the ZZTop. In July 2017 the band joins the Metal Festival ' Rock Inn Somma 2017 ',