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The band came together in 2010 by Dinos Fil, Panos L & Thanos K. at their hometown, Gargalianoi, Messinia GR. In 2015, after numerous shows, Paris X took over the lead guitar duties and the band entered Jammin.G Studios (Athens, GR) for the recording and production of their first EP "Sadistic Leader". After many setbacks and lineup changes, the band self-recorded, produced and released new single "Lockdown Sorrow" in mid 2020, inspired by the worldwide lockdown crisis. Later that year the band released its second EP titled "Whispers Over The Sky" which is also self-produced. Taking advantage of the global live show's uncertainty, Hard Disk Drive went on and recorded their first full length album "Immortal Nightmares" set for release on October 4th 2021