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Rae Okino

Rae Okino

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About this artist

Posted By Rae Okino

In a time where society focuses so much on followers and self brands, Rae Okino wants to build a different kind of utopia.

Listening to her music or experiencing her visual art, Okino aims for moments of honesty and connection with her audience. Her belief in true freedom of speech, sexuality, and artistic expression is felt all throughout her music. A true artist of the new millennium, Okino’s goals are more than “gaining fans.” She focuses more on joining like minded individuals together thru art and experience. Although being a seasoned vocalist, Okino’s new step in fully producing her own music and visuals has led to a buzz among music tastemakers. A time for something different has arrived… that different is Rae Okino.

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    Los Angeles, US
    143 Listeners
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    Tokyo, JP
    140 Listeners
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    Mexico City, MX
    115 Listeners
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    Chicago, US
    110 Listeners
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    New York City, US
    107 Listeners
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    Seattle, US
    105 Listeners

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