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SheLovesHaris is a rap & rnb artist from the city of Chicago, based currently in both the cities of Dubai and Jeddah. He seeks to channel influences from all of his homes and the emotions that come along with being distant straight into his music. Possessing a wide subject matter, his songs can range anywhere from sad storytelling records to vicious trap ballads. Haris dropped his debut album last year, "Black Mood Ring" on all platforms and was able to start a bit of a following with it. The project contained records featuring other artists from the region Sobhhï (Drownin') and pre kai ro (A Girl Like You). While specializing in story-telling records over slower tempo beats, his goal remains to craft songs that fit all types of moods (Reggaeton, Trap, Afrobeats). "My possible career choices include a flower or a star" Is the quote that inspired this body of work and the records attached to this email. Most of this project was written going through a hard time in life, as a way to vent and express emotions towards certain situations and the final destination of where those events might take life towards.